To the hundreds of thousands of readers browsing through these pages, hello and welcome!

As you could’ve guessed from this domain name, I like eating cereal. From time to time, I do– in fact– run. I know you must have a lot of questions, so let me read your mind and answer all of them.

Why did you create Cereal Runner?
I’m a writer. I like to write. I’m also a runner. I like to run. Whether or not a single other soul besides myself reads my entries, I love chronicling my running adventures as a way to capture the memories– good, bad, and ugly. I’ll use this space to recap training runs, fun runs, races, running gear, running food, running media, and anything else that I can somehow relate to running.

Why should I read any of this?
1. You don’t have to, goodbye.
2. While not unique, my experiences are relevant to runners of all backgrounds, paces, and preferences. In the months following my first semi-competitive 5k, I dove down the rabbit hole of running blogs, vlogs, and plogs–OK, there’s no such thing as a plog…yet. Through my adventures, you might find personal value on which you can capitalize. Learn about what gear and races are the best and worst– in my opinion– and find joy in knowing that there are others out there who simply run as a means to create more room in your stomach for additional Oreo cookies and bowls of Smacks cereal.

Why are you qualified to blog about running?
1. I am a professional writer, so I’ve got the writing part down.
2. The beauty of running is that anyone who laces up and moves their feet at a faster-than-walking pace is a runner. And as a runner, you’re just as worthy as others faster, slower, younger, older, bigger, and smaller than you. I’m not going to rattle off the relatively short list of races I’ve completed or miles I’ve logged because it doesn’t matter. Like the countless herds of other runners out there, I’m passionate about the sport and interested in making myself better through training runs and races.

When did you start running?
Not counting my days as a middle-school student who was forced to run cross-country distances during the XC section of physical education and not counting my 9th-grade attempt at making the junior varsity baseball team via slow, but steady, laps around the high school, my running career began on April 9, 2011.

One year out from college, I was living at home with my parents in Baltimore County and on the verge of a healthier lifestyle. As a novice adult, I still ate a ton of junk food and drank my fair share of alcoholic beverages. I suppose I was subconsciously looking for an outlet to be more physically productive.

On April 8, 2011, my mom– a teacher– asked if I wanted to join her for a fundraiser 5k. I didn’t have any plans that Saturday, so I complied. We drove up to Oregon Ridge Park, grabbed our bibs, and put in our headphones. While I had no intentions of running as fast as I could that day, I did. I gave the nod to my mom that I’d see her at the finish line and– as the starting wave went off, so did I. Most of the participants were teachers more focused on enjoying a peaceful morning walk than hustling and bustling to a winded finish. As it turned out, I was determined to make the most of my entry fee, so I found myself at the finish line having hustled and bustled from beginning to end. I don’t believe there was runner tracking for the race, but because the pool was so small, I likely finished in the top-10

After the Kilometers for Kids 5k, I participated in a few more small, short races with my mom– walking and running some with her, and running others by myself– before I picked up the pace and registered for an 8k. One thing led to another and I registered— and then completed— my first marathon and the rest is history.

What’s your favorite food?