2016: In Case You Missed It

While politics and celebrity deaths make 2016 an absolute depression of a year, I can rest my head high on the tiniest iota of consolation through the running I did over the past 365 days. I’m not going to write a haiku like I did for 2015, but I would like to succinctly review some of the highlights in hopes that I can cheer myself up a bit and ring in the new year with some more positive juju. Here are 12 run-on sentences to wrap up the year that wouldn’t die.

After being sidelined with ITBS issues to start January, I recovered with just enough time to run the Charleston Marathon, set a new PR, and eat a Cinnabon at the airport.

I managed to bruise the crap out of my toe while jumping at a trampoline park in February and ended up taking more time off to heal.

By March, I was trying out new orthotics and taking weekly visits to the physical therapist to shock my flat feet back into shape.

Slowly I started running again in April and, again, miraculously had just enough consistency to prepare for the Coastal Delaware Marathon, where I set a new PR, and then downed a giant milkshake.

Knowing that I should take it easy, I decided to run every day in May, all while ranking my top-31 cereals, and I also organized a group run just to get a humongous ice cream sandwich.

Not to be outdone, I joined in on the second-annual Monument-to-Monument run, a 38-mile group run from Baltimore’s Washington Monument to Washington, D.C.’s Washington Monument in June.

A surprisingly decent year of running.

A surprisingly decent year of running.

July wasn’t that bad because I ran in my first beer mile, placed top-3 in my age group in a 5k, and vacationed in Florida, where I enjoyed some very sweaty speed-training.

Next, in August, we visited friends in Denver and I ran in the Pikes Peak Marathon, where I got super high– with elevation gain.

To change up the pace, September was relatively uneventful in terms of my running, but I managed not to hurt myself and my wife and I ran our first anniversary half marathon together, maybe that’ll be a new tradition?

We cheered on runners in the Baltimore Marathon in October and I placed first in my age group in the Oktoberfest 5k.

With a mostly healthy training cycle under my belt, I finally hit my sub-3:30 goal at the City of Oaks Marathon in November, then I proceeded to stuff my face with cereal and other tasty treats for the rest of the month before ending it by coordinating the inaugural Tofurky Four-Miler and eating a lot of donuts.

By the end of the year in December, I ran with November Project at the annual City Glow event, finished second overall in a local 5k, and began running consistently with friends new and old via #TrackTuesday and the Faster Bastards.

So, there you have it; 2016 reads pretty well when I outline all of the highlights together. If only everything else going on was as positive…

It’s important, though, to always make the best of a crummy situation, so now, more than ever, we should take pride in the positive and work to change whatever we can for the better. With that, I’ll bid farewell to 2016. Here’s to making 2017 better.


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