31 Days Later

The month of May is in the books. With it goes my run streak and cereal countdown. While I’m technically still adding to my run streak– because of a new training schedule– here’s how my month looked in retrospect.

Total Miles: 209

A new personal best for total miles in one month. According to my log, my previous high was 204 miles when I was training for the Charleston Marathon.

Total Time: 31 hours 23 minutes

In all, I ran for about 1.25 days. That’s enough time to watch every single Marvel Cinematic Universe movie in succession.

Total Run Commutes Home from Work: 21

Running home from work almost every day in May, I feel like I’ve completely eliminated the need for public transportation as long as it’s not monsooning, blizzarding, etc… outside. Depending on the route I take, it’s about 3.5-4.0 miles from work to home, which can take as little as 28ish minutes. That’s faster than the subway and Charm City Circulator, anyway!

Total November Project Workouts: 4

Each Wednesday morning in May, I either ran or got a ride to Rash Field for increasingly difficult workouts. This past month, I high-fived, hugged, squinted, burpeed, push-up’d, sprinted, staired, crunched, planked, jogged, and sweated the life out of me, while smiling and laughing some life into me. We even got to take a stab at besting our record at Baltimore’s new PR day: BAL1. With a score of 7.9 this month– my previous best was 6.8– I raised the bar, though I’m still working towards an 8.9.

Total Long* Runs: 6
*10+ miles

Six times across the month I ran more than 10 miles at once. From social long runs, like a spontaneous 13.1-miler with a friend and a 10-miler to a local ice cream paradise, to grueling sweaty by-myself long runs, like a 16-miler after work on Friday, I logged some distance because I didn’t want to start from scratch when I begin training for longer mileage events this summer.

Total Cereals Ranked: 31

From Cocoa Krispies to Honey Bunches of Oats, my list of 31-tastiest cereals might not jive with everyone, but it’s my list and I encourage anyone who disagrees to run for a month and then put together their own list.

I left out Reese’s Puffs, Grape Nuts, and French Toast Crunch for a reason, people. So move on.

Now that's what I call cereal.

Now that’s what I call cereal.

Final Streaking Thoughts

Prior to the May run streak, I never ran more than four or five– six on a good week– days in a row. Now that I’ve logged 31+ straight days of running, I do feel much stronger and more capable of putting in some miles even if the weather is crummy, or I’m feeling tired, or the Orioles are playing.

Through this streak, I’ve developed a new layer of dedication to running. I’m still going to be hypersensitive to any aches and pains, to prevent another injury, but I also feel much better-suited to the idea of a six-day/week training schedule.

Which leads me to a bit of a tease. I have some big plans in place for this summer. Over the next three months, I’ll be putting my body and mind to the test in three very different environments. That’s all I’ll say for now, but stay tuned!


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