2015: A Haiku

What a year it was. Instead of a full-fledged recap, I’ve decided to use poetry to succinctly summarize the last 365 days.

JANUARY (132 miles logged)

New year, and big goals.

Two marathons: registered.

Hunting for PRs.

FEBRUARY (101 miles)

Training lil’ delayed,

Unforeseen circumstances.

Down but I’m not out.

MARCH (118 miles)

Shamrock Marathon,

PR in VA. Then I said:

“No more marathons.”

APRIL (144 miles)

Finally gave in,

Went to November Project.

Oh great: now I’m hooked.

MAY (127 miles)

Road trip to Cleveland,

For wifey’s first marathon.

Funnest, not fastest.

JUNE (125 miles)

First trail race,

I am no Ginger runner.

Now I need new shoes.


The year, in pictures

 JULY (130 miles)

Focused on fitness,

Half marathons and wedding,

Quickly approaching.

AUGUST (170 miles)

Running relieves stress,

from all the wedding planning.

It’s almost go-time.

SEPTEMBER (117 miles)

Lots of milestones,

New half PR, even more:

I gots married!

OCTOBER (182 miles)

Next up: Charleston.

Gunning for sub-3:30,

Time to go to work.

NOVEMBER (204 miles)

Most monthly miles.

Annapolis tuneup race,

Long runs and strong runs.

DECEMBER (120 miles)

Ouch. Tendinitis?

stress fracture? “Nope, it’s neither.”

Doc says, “good to go!”


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